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Who We Are

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of mine crushing equipment.

CBM is an international company group specialized in R&D, production, sales and service of the minerals and stone crushing machines, VU sand making system as well as industrial grinding mills. Not only is our group company the first batch of high technology key enterprise, but also it is the main production and export base for high-end mining machines. It has established 20 overseas business institutions and branches, with the products exported to more than 160 countries and regions throughout the world. China Customs’data (2009一2014) shows: Exports from Shibang Industrial Technology Co.Ltd ranked the Top one for six years in a row in China’s mining machinery industry.

Our History

  • 2015  -
  • Donations to the 50 "Men of Sace" who rushed to deal with the emergency in the Japan fukushima nuclear power station leakage accident.Got the authorizations of three utility model patents.

  • 2014  -
  • As one of famous enterprises in Shanghai, our company went to Hong Kong to sign the strategic cooperation agreement of "Cooperation•Win-win" of H.K. and Shanghai Pudong.

  • 2012  -
  • The production base of Binhai Industrial Park was official signed.The European style Impact Crusher was officially tapeout.Nigeria and Vietnam branch offices were established.

  • 2011  -
  • The five center of our company was established, and it marked the realization of the group management mode.Won the "Sand Industry Advanced Unit" title of honor.

  • 2010  -
  • The series products of sand making machine was formally awarded the label of "China's Aggregate Association Recommend Brand" by the China Aggregate Association.

About CB Machinery
Sea Cucumbers Squirting stone crusher for saleSea Cucumbers Squirting itsnaturegirl Loading Sea Cucumber expelling its intestines Duration 0 46 Dan Kitchens 468 032 views 0 46 -machine to the sea cucumber intestines-,Holothurian Holothuroidea Details Encyclopedia of LifeSea Cucumbers Class Holothuroidea A person need wade out only knee-deep around many of the Florida keys to encounter lying con- spicuously exposed on the muddy bottom large sausage-shaped creatures 1 foot or …… Get More

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